Residential Building

As our contribution to the Great Australian Dream, we also undertake residential building and construction projects.

So, for homeowners looking for a trustworthy home building contractor who’s committed to executing a project within schedule and budget, Bushells Building & Maintenance is the perfect fit.

We’re your trusted home builder in Perth!

New Construction, New Build

Over the last few years, we have really been able to show what we can do in the residential building sphere.

We have consistently delivered projects that are not only thoughtfully designed but also constructed to the highest standards – including homey, stylish kitchens and unique, beautiful and functional bathrooms.

We take great pride in these small accomplishments because we know that the quality of the projects we deliver is what matters the most.

Renovation/Home Improvement

Do you want a bigger, more beautiful bathroom? Do you want to renovate your kitchen and get new cabinetry? Or perhaps get your roof checked and possibly replaced?

No worries, Bushells Building & Maintenance has you covered.

Just fill us in on the details of your project, and we’ll put together a team of experts dedicated to ensuring your home renovation or home improvement project is delivered with our assurance of quality and value.

So, whatever project you have in mind, get in touch with us!


Insurance Repairs

Save yourself from the stress of mechanical and plumbing issues at home by calling us for home insurance repair work.

Depending on your coverage, we can address the following issues:
• Indoor plumbing: sinks, faucets, drains and pipes
• Wiring: electrical and cable lines
• Mechanical problems: ceiling fans
• Appliances: refrigerators, washers, dryers, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc.
• Heating and cooling systems: furnaces, heat pumps, evaporators, air conditioning units, etc.

Let Bushells Building & Maintenance help you.